The project is a young startup from California. Target audience: young people who are involved in extreme sports.

  • Dev Period

    12 months (ongoing)
  • Team

    4 people
  • Industry



A client approached us with the task of developing a mobile application for communication with a summerboard designed for summer city trips and interactive user engagement. The application should be developed within the framework of clear budget planning with the ability for the customer to work in phases with a budget-to-volume constraint in a tight timeframe.



We have developed applications with a general approach in the form of a phase-by-phase separation of work stages and the following functionality:

  • the ability to pair with the remote control
  • setting up a connection between the whiteboard and your phone using Bluetooth LE
  • battery level tracking
  • the ability to change ride settings such as throttle/brake power or motor direction
  • timely firmware update
  • engine optimization tuning

Work on the application is ongoing. Will be added features, such as:

  • tracking trips
  • calorie burn tracking
  • to implement the possibility of interaction between users in chats


The client will be able to get in close contact with users and have feedback from them, maintaining a client base. Users, in turn, received an interactive tool that allows them to be part of the community, receive lessons on performing tricks, and receive metrics from the board directly to their smartphone.


  • #Bluetooth LE
  • #C++
  • #Flutter
  • #Native

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