The application was created specifically to facilitate communication between the residents of the residential complex and the utilities serving it.

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    6 month
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    3 developers
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The client addressed us with the challenge to create an application that would be an assisting tool in the management of residential complex processes. The key tasks were:

  • Create a single control center for residential complexes;
  • Develop means of communication between the residential complex tenants and the management company;
  • Create an online bulletin board for residential complex tenants;
  • Develop a convenient tool for meter readers transmission;
  • Collect and analyze data received from residents;
  • Create a specific platform for making collective decisions.


The cross-platform framework Flutter was chosen to create the application, which, in conjunction with Firebase Firestore and Firebase Functions, allows you to achieve a minimum amount of code. The architecture was based on the proven BLoC pattern, which allowed for good optimization and fault tolerance of the application.


Exelor has developed the solution with the following functionality:

  • An application that helps take control over the usage of public utility services;
    checking balances, push notifications about upcoming payments and possible payment arrears;
  • Access to archive data containing information about using public utility services;
  • Showing announcements concerning actual changes in electricity, gas and water supplies;
  • An option of conducting online voting on different issues among the tenants;
    Transmission of meter readers by the tenants and data processing by the management company;
  • The ability to send applications to the master about the elimination of various problems related to house management.


The application simplifies management processes of the residential complex, provides a specific database of utility services for the tenants and contains actual information about changes in the provision of utility services as well.


  • #BLoC
  • #Firebase Auth
  • #Firebase Functions
  • #Firebase Push Notifications
  • #Firestore
  • #Flutter
  • #Flutter Provider
  • #Reactive updates
  • Firebase Cloud Storage

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