Fundraising platform helps 3000+ innovative nonprofit organizations engage more donors and raise more money – enabling them to do more good – thereby creating a better world.


Project work with leading nonprofits raising upwards of $10,000,000 every year to accelerate their growth and strengthen their communities. Charity platform is spread all over the world and has web and mobile applications. Using them a user donates to the organization’s campaigns with the fastest and the most convenient way on the planet – donation under 10 seconds.

  • Dev Period

    1.2 year
  • Team

    8 devs
  • Industry



The initial task for the New Line Technologies team was to develop a mobile application for the project. The client has set us the task to create the best and most convenient donation application in the world, with the largest number of users. The client has his own ideas on the app functionality, which we gradually introduced, and offer ours too. Moreover, the project continues to grow very active, and we work on its upgrade and improvement, add new features and expand our collaboration.


The first challenge for our developers was to deal with the project architecture: we did a code review and refactoring and successfully coped with the task.


Another field of our cooperation is the design and development of a web application for the project. A large team is already engaged in it, effectively interacting and solving various interesting problems.


To develop an application for Android and iOS, our mobile team has chosen the modern framework – Flutter (Dart language). Today, a user-friendly mobile application allows the fastest donation in under 10 seconds.


During the work on the project, the New Line Technologies team also implemented such features:

  • A number of payment methods and systems (Stripe, Apple pay, Google Pay, OJC, Plaid, PayPal, Venmo). User can add debit, credit card, bank transfer and more for the most convenient and fastest way to donate. Unfortunately, we were limited in the use of some payment methods due to the particularities of legislation of the industry.
  • Direct donation (by email) without registration. The fastest way to donate.
  • TouchID, FaceID
  • Localizations (now English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, and Australian available)
  • Geocoding – provision of actual information to the users, based on their location
  • Referral program, Live Chat
  • Receipts, payment history – for convenient printing and etc
  • Sign in/Sign up via Facebook and Google – integration social network and messengers, social shares
  • Firebase messaging (Push Notifications), dynamic links, remote configuration
  • Intercom integration (support chat for customers)
  • QA panel for internal testing
  • Plugin development for Dart, and native (Android, iOS)


Now we are working on the socialization of the application (the ability to communicate with users and view each other’s profiles), as well as synchronization with friends from social networks (Facebook) and the contact list of the user’s phone.


Our plans and discussions are aimed at further implementation in the Apple Watch and Google Watch apps, and connection of Siri and Google assistant.


While dealing with the web version of the project, we mostly focused on the direction, where user can monitor donations and campaigns, store receipts, and create a recurring contribution to favorite causes.


The main goal was achieved – to create a user-friendly, “one-click” donation application, that works with multiple payment platforms, providing connection to nonprofits and donors across different countries, languages, and currencies around the world.


The expertise of our team, effective cooperation, and big idea help to make this project great. Customizable and cutting-edge technology bring the charity industry to a new level, creating a better world.


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