The application is intended for people who daily care for patients with dementia in different forms. App allows  KISA customers to view and manage phones connected with their account.

You can view detailed information about your phone, including subscription plan, shutdown timeout setting, SOS button SMS and pushing to dial. Also, if GPS is included in your account, you can track your phone with a built-in map. Now the responsible person is instantly getting notification if the patient leaves the clinic, home or any other place where he should be. Exact location is displayed on the map. The consequence is human lives saved.

  • Dev Period

    1+ month
  • Team

    3 developers
  • Industry



The idea was to take the application to the next level and rewrite the old functionality in the Flutter SDK – a set of software for building cross-platform applications.

Exelor team had the following key tasks:

  • Explore the internal architecture of the project;
  • Build an application that is economical in terms of development;
  • Develop an application that doesn’t take up a lot of phone memory;
  • Implement the ability to install geolocation in real time;
  • Provide the ability to manage an account configured on another device


Exelor specialists offered the following solutions:

  • Ported the old application to Flutter. This technology allows you to create stable applications with an attractive interface on both iOS and Android at a minimum cost;
  • Optimizing performance so that users can use app with benefits.


After evaluating the client’s requirements, Exelor team implemented this project using the Flutter SDK framework, which allowed to reduce the total cost of product development.


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