Documentorum is a global initiative and a new approach to issuing, registering and validating certificates and diplomas. It has been developed with the use of Hyperledger technology. It enables students to collect all their academic credentials in one place where they are protected against theft and fraud.


Educational institutions can minimize their costs by using Documentorum for issuing, storing and validating diplomas and certificates. The blockchain technology applied guarantees forgery protection. Documentorum can also come in handy to employers, as it makes pre-employment document check easy and short-length. Above that, it provides the information about candidates’ competences and skills.

  • Dev Period

    1+ years (ongoing)
  • Team

    4 developers
  • Industry

    Blockchain and Big Data


The Exelor team faced a complex task to develop a business solution for creating, storing and validating documents in a convenient and secure way. The technology to choose had to protect the documents against accidental editing or deleting. With paid access to the database, Documentorum had to support instant validation and authentication of the documents.


It was crucial that the mobile application version of Documentorum could keep all the functionality of the platform.


The team has implemented the following solutions:


  • the blockchain technology Hyperledger that makes storage of documents safe and well protected;
  • the editor which helps to create templates of certificates (graphic module);
  • the mobile application Dart + Flutter SDK which was developed to make it possible to operate your account 24/7;
  • document authentication that is run by scanning the QR code from the Documentorum mobile application;
  • access to the database that depends on the pre-chosen access rights.


The users’s digital academic credentials stay perfectly safe as they cannot be deleted or falsified once they are in Documentorum. Besides, they include detailed information about the curriculum and the students’ progress. Documentorum significantly reduces the costs associated with issuing, storing and validating credentials offering a higher level of security and confidentiality in comparison to conventional methods.


  • #Angular
  • #AWS
  • #Blockchain
  • #Dart
  • #Firebase
  • #Flutter
  • #Hyperledger
  • #Node.js
  • #Stripe (payment service)

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