ClaimRide is an innovative solution for insurance companies that deal with motor vehicle insurance. The service is suitable for rental cars, including traditional taxis (Uber, Lyft, etc.), in the event of loss occurrence and impossibility to further drive the vehicle.

The project aims to reduce the costs of insurance companies for the provision of a replacement vehicle to their customers and also sets a new level of speed and comfort in serving customers in the event of an accident and occurrence of loss.

  • Dev Period

    2+ years
  • Team

    4 people
  • Industry

    Insurance and Healthcare Fintech


The team had been faced with the challenge to develop a technical solution able to qualitatively cut down on costs incurred by both the client and the insurance company in case of occurrence of loss related to the execution, provision of replacement transport or cash compensation:

  • Develop a web application for administration and management;
  • Easy and quick integration into other insurance products;
  • Develop a mobile application for iOS and Android;
  • Automated claiming process;
  • Payment system development/integration;
  • Ensure a high level of payment security;
  • Develop an expenditure monitoring system (daily limit, targeted use of funds, etc.);
  • Make the project easy and quickly scalable.


The Exelor team has developed a secure cloud platform and mobile application with a web-based administrative portal and a digital payment solution:

  • The web platform is developed in highly responsive and easy-to-integrate Java and Microsoft SQL (the most popular in the insurance segment);
  • A user-friendly web interface for receiving, operational control and management of applications/claims;
  • Mobile application for claiming, checking status, viewing payment information online on iOS or Android tablets or smartphones;
  • Integration with a PCI/SSAE-16-certified secure payment service;
  • Access and rights control system depending on the role of the user;
  • ClaimRide is a completely web-based solution (SaaS), thanks to which it is easily scalable and can withstand any load;
  • Support of Geo-replication ensures continuous and uninterrupted 24/7 service;
  • ClaimRide supports easy and quick integration into other insurance products (Web service APIs).


Due to the mobile application, digital payment process, financial control and automated claiming, each insurance company can already seamlessly integrate with ClaimRide, minimize its costs and bring customer service to a new level.


  • #Active Directory
  • #Angular
  • #Azure
  • #Azure Key Vault
  • #Bootstrap 3
  • #Cordova
  • #Database encryption
  • #Geo-replication
  • #Gulp
  • #Java
  • #MSSQL
  • #PhoneGap CLI

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